Here is a little gift to thank you for your kind visit to my website, a little secret I've learned long time ago.

The Antonio Sorrentini's little secret

Most of us are sometimes so sure and so sure about what we think it'is true, that there is no way to have us even considering to review our ideas.
Unfortunately, this rarely turns out to be a good attitude.
Most of the times, a better habit would be to train ourselves to humbly try, often harder, and sometimes even harder, to see the things around us with a totally different mindset.
For example: which side is turning the dancer in the picture?
I bet you are absolutely sure. After all, she's here, under our eyes, there could be no doubt at all which side she's turning, WE ARE SEEING HER.
Well, I wish you to get soon to the point where her spinning suddenly switches direction. When you'll get there, I'm sure you'll appreciate the point I'm trying to make here.

I wish you all the best. ;)

Spinning Dancer

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